Consequent to the gredge,jealousy and dispute with Rajakesavadsan the then diwan of travancore and Jayanthan Sankaran Nampoothiri,one of the ministers there, suceeded in convincing the king to return North Paravoor back to the kingdom of Kochi.But Rajakesavadasan, caught him on the way, (at Kottamkulangara part of Aryad Desham) and captured the related documents. In revenge of this, Jyanthan Nampoothiri, with the help of the king of kochi, send some evil spirits and deamons to Aryad Desam to destroy the area. As a result there were so many unpleasent happenings and chaoes to some prominent families of the village. It was Kuriattupurathu bhattathirippad, the famous thanthri(preist,) and manthrik(juggler) destroyed the evil spirits and saved the village. Afterwords, he managed to place a jack tree wood, to represent goddess bhadrakali and incarnate the same on 1799 FEBRUARY (974 Kumbham bharani naal) on the left of Sri maha Vishnu temple at kottamkulangara.
Out side the main temple building there is Lord Siva on the north east and Sri Dharma Sastha on the South west.

Festival of this dieity is a seperate one. This is conducted annually, and lasts for ten days, between the end of february and midst of march. Kodiyettu is on the Bharani and Aarattu on the Pooram day of Kumbham. Aarattu is in Sri Mahadeva temple in Avaloormadam, and the diety is brought back to the Kottamkulangara getting warm reception from the people on the way.The flaghosting(Kodiyettu) proclaims the begining of the festival. The ritual bath of the diety(Aarattu), marks the end of the festival.